Anton Paar Certified Service

Service and support directly from the manufacturer

Anton Paar provides service, support, and calibration carried out by experts trained and certified directly at Anton Paar. Benefit from qualified support in your local language at one of 86 service points worldwide. Our commitment to quality includes full warranty for our instruments – for three years. Alongside the warranty you can choose from a wide range of additional services. Our comprehensive service provides you with the best individual coverage for your investment.

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Anton Paar service: What are your benefits?

Maximum uptime

Regardless of how intensively you use your instrument, we help you keep your device in perfect shape and safeguard your investment – including a three-year warranty. For a minimum of 10 years after the discontinuation of a device, we will provide you with any service and spare part that might be required for your operations.

Certified service engineers

The seamless and thorough training of our technical experts is the foundation of our excellent service provision. Training and certification are carried out at our own facilities.

The shortest response time

We know that sometimes it’s urgent. That’s why we provide a response to your inquiry within 24 hours. We give you straightforward help from real people, not from bots.

A global service network

Our large service network for customers spans 86 locations with a total of 600 certified service engineers. Wherever you are located, there is always an Anton Paar service engineer nearby.

Anton Paar is globally available to serve you

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Service and support offerings

Our 3-year warranty is available to all customers. All new instruments will include repair for 3 years. Alongside the warranty we offer a wide range of additional services and maintenance options.

  • Service at your site or at an Anton Paar facility
  • Repair coverage
  • Functional checks
  • Calibrations according to ISO 17025
  • Operator training
  • Relocation of an instrument incl. reinstallation
  • Flat rates for wear parts
  • Individual packages with specified services
  • Option to extend the warranty

Maintenance schedule
Due to the technology they use, some instruments require maintenance – also within the first three years in order to be covered by the 3-year warranty. To keep this as simple as possible, we provide a maintenance schedule. Contact us for more information.

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Calibration according to ISO 17025

Anton Paar calibrates the density and temperature of density meters (incl. a range of discontinued devices) according to ISO 17025. You can find all important information about the ISO 17025 calibration service here

Accreditation range
Parameter Liquid density
Density range 650 kg/m³ to 1550 kg/m³
Smallest achievable uncertainty (depending on instrument and reference liquid): 0.02 kg/m³
Measurement conditions 15 °C to 50 °C
1.013 bar

Pharma qualification

The use of certain instruments in the pharmaceutical industry requires specific qualifications and documentation. Our Pharma Qualification Package (PQP) covers the instrument-specific qualification procedure according to the USP <1058> 4Q model and also includes:

  • Risk Analysis
    21 CFR Part 11 checklists, Deviation List, Traceability Matrix, SOP
  • PQP-S (Smart)
    For customers who must follow GAMP 5 and GMP but do not have to be 21 CFR Part 11-compliant.
  • Requalification
    An instrument qualification is not a one-time event. Depending on the requirements of the requalification (e.g. yearly requalification, change of location, software update, etc.) a customized document is created.

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Certified Service: The Anton Paar quality

ISO 9001-certified service process

The Anton Paar Global Service processes are integrated in the quality management system certified according to ISO 9001.