The most trusted rheometer series with more than 10,000 installations worldwide

The MCR rheometer series from the market leader offers you one thing first and foremost: an open range of possibilities. Whatever your rheological requirements are and will be in the future – based on its modular setup, your MCR rheometer is efficiently and comfortably adapted and extended to meet your needs, from routine quality control to high-end R&D applications. An investment in an MCR rheometer is always a safe investment in longstanding technology: The air-bearing-supported EC motor, for example, was developed by Anton Paar and has been used in all MCR models for over 25 years to ensure accuracy across a vast viscosity range. It makes it possible to measure liquids with a viscosity even lower than water and also characterize stiff materials like polymer composites or steel by DMA – and everything in-between.

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15 rheometers + over 200 accessories = all your requirements covered

Whatever you want to investigate – Anton Paar rheometers are quickly and easily adapted to meet your needs. Changing a cone-plate measuring system for a parallel-plate setup or concentric cylinders is just as easy as connecting a new temperature device or extending your rheometer’s capabilities with a wide range of application-specific accessories such as microscopy, electrorheology, DMA, tribology, powder rheology, and more. Choose one of our 15 rheometer models and add extensions as you go so you can cover multiple fields with one device without exceeding your budget. We have developed and produced each rheometer to incorporate error-proofing so you have the highest data quality and also with time- and cost-saving features, so your productivity is enhanced. These rheometers were created with convenient operation in mind, so using them is a joy, not a chore. 

Clever features do the work so you can do the thinking

Anton Paar rheometers have been developed over three decades with one thing in mind: you, the user. Our rheometers take a lot of typically challenging work off your hands. The RheoCompass™ software, for example, provides over one hundred predefined test templates but also lets you customize them. Your data is automatically stored and archived in a central SQL database so nothing ever gets lost. A further array of smart features eliminate the need for manual settings and guesswork, these include Toolmaster™ for automatic tool recognition and configuration, the QuickConnect coupling that makes it possible to exchange measuring systems with just one hand, TruGap™ for automatic gap control, and T-Ready™ which checks the sample’s equilibrium temperature and starts the test automatically when the set temperature has been reached.

Continuous development of the portfolio in response to feedback and new ideas

As well as being the most cited rheometer series, the MCR is the most popular rheometer in the world with more models sold than any other rheometer on the market. The secret to this success: listening to customer feedback and creating outstanding technology in response. Our R&D team is dedicated to delivering the features and accessories users want in order to do better, quicker, and more efficient rheological investigations now and in the future. As well as creating and constantly improving our benchtop rheometers, our team has produced a number of special solutions, including:

  • a “furnace rheometer” which withstands temperatures up to 1730 °C and is ideal for research into melts
  • A completely automated rheometer which is operated by a robotic arm
  • rheometer “head” which can be integrated into your process or used to build a customized rheometer system
  • setup with maximized workspace below the support plate and at the sides to allow combination with external setups, e.g. a confocal microscope

Made in Austria with 97 % of critical parts produced in-house and customization on offer

At Anton Paar we take quality very seriously. Our rheometers are produced at the company’s headquarters in Austria with 97 % of all critical mechanical parts manufactured in-house, ensuring a secure supply in case you need parts or accessories at a later date. With our support your instrument uptime is high and also guaranteed for the long term, with spare parts available for ten years after purchase. With our production facilities just next door to the R&D department, customized products for all kinds of specific applications can be developed and supplied. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and find a customized solution for your measurement task. With our decades of experience in rheometry and rheology, Anton Paar can make nearly everything possible.

Experienced experts close to you available for advice free of charge

Anton Paar’s worldwide service network of more than 30 subsidiaries and numerous responsible partners means an expert on your system is always close by. Ten thousand installed instruments around the globe, an extensive application database, and numerous published works by our rheology experts clearly show that Anton Paar is the first choice for answering any rheological question you may have. We are proud of our reputation for excellent service and support and look forward to being your partner. Call us for advice on test definitions or to discuss different approaches to solving a measuring problem. Our experts are just a phone call away and happy to help, in your language and free of charge.



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