Rising to the challenge to ensure the quality and compliance of pharmaceutical products

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical sector, quality and safety are the guiding principles. Innovation, high efficiency, and the highest quality products are on the agenda, always within the framework of the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, driven by the FDA as well as by diverse Pharmacopoeia. A wide range of parameters need to be monitored, checked, and counter-checked; the resulting data has to be relevant, reliable, and in accordance with ALCOA+ principles. Anton Paar has numerous solutions for use in quality and production control, in research and development – and even better: Anton Paar qualifies your newly purchased instrument on-site and brings it into your workflow within a short period of time.

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Automated flow chemisorption analyzer:
ChemBET Pulsar

Automated Multipurpose Powder X-Ray Diffractometer:
XRDynamic 500

Automated tapped density analyzers:

Automatic kinematic viscometer:

Benchtop density meter:

Compact digital density meter:
DMA 1001

Compact digital density meter:
DMA 501

Compact Raman spectrometers:
Cora 5001

Compact Raman spectrometers:
Cora 5001 Direct for Pharma

Compact Raman spectrometers:
Cora 5001 Fiber for Pharma

Density and Sound Velocity Concentration Sensor:
L-Com 5500

Density and sound velocity meter:
DSA 5000 M

Abbemat Heavy Duty

Digital heavy duty refractometer:

Digital performance refractometer:

Dynamic Image Analyzer:
Litesizer DIA 500

Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument:
Litesizer DLS

Dynamic shear rheometer measuring head:
DSR 502

Five-station gas pycnometers for true density:
PentaPyc and PentaFoam 5200e

Five-station gas pycnometers for true density:
PentaPyc and PentaFoam 5200e Foam

FTIR Spectrometer:
Lyza 7000

Fully automated benchtop rheometer:
HTR 3000

Fully customizable laboratory automation solution:

Gas Pycnometer for Semi-Solid and Solid Density:

Gas sorption analyzer:

Handheld alcohol meter:
Snap 51

Handheld Raman spectrometer:
Cora 100

High Vacuum Physisorption Analyzer:
Autosorb 6100

High vacuum physisorption/chemisorption analyzers:
autosorb iQ

High vacuum physisorption/chemisorption analyzers:
autosorb iQ C-AG

High vacuum physisorption/chemisorption analyzers:
autosorb iQ C-MP

High vacuum physisorption/chemisorption analyzers:
autosorb iQ C-XR

Inline density meter:
L-Dens 3300

Inline density meter:
L-Dens 7400

Inline density meter:
L-Dens 7500

Inline refractometer:

Inline sound velocity sensor:
L-Sonic 5100

Liquid density sensor:
L-Dens 2300

Mercury intrusion pore size analyzers:

Mercury intrusion pore size analyzers:
PoreMaster 33

Mercury intrusion pore size analyzers:
PoreMaster 33GT

Mercury intrusion pore size analyzers:
PoreMaster 60

Mercury intrusion pore size analyzers:
PoreMaster 60GT

Micro Combi Tester:

Microwave digestion platform:
Multiwave 5000

Microwave reactor:

Microwave reactor:
Monowave 200

Microwave reactor:
Monowave 400

Microwave reactor:
Monowave 450

Millikelvin thermometers:

Modular compact polarimeter:
MCP 100

Modular compact polarimeter:
MCP 150

Modular Compact Rheometer:
MCR 702e MultiDrive

Modular Compact Rheometer:
MCR 702e Space MultiDrive

Modular Compact Rheometer:
MCR 72/92

Modular Compact Rheometer:
MCR 102e/302e/502e

Modular polarimeter:

Motorized alignment for XRD:
z-alignment stage

Multiparameter Analyzing System:

Multiparameter Analyzing System:
Modulyzer Pharma

Multiparameter Analyzing System:
Modulyzer Turbidity

Abbemat WR/MW, Multi wavelengt refractometer

Multiwavelengths Refractometer:
Abbemat MW

Nanoindentation tester:

PNR 12

Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester:
PMA 500

pH measuring module:
pH 3101 / pH 3201

Pin-on-disk tribometer:

Portable density meter:
DMA 35 Standard

Revetest® Scratch Tester:

Rheometer automation for high sample throughput and complex sample handling:

Rolling-ball viscometer:
Lovis 2000 M/ME

Rotational Rheometer:

Rotational viscometer:


SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS/USAXS/RheoSAXS laboratory beamline:
SAXSpoint 5.0

Surface area and pore size analyzers:

Synthesis reactor:
Monowave 50

Ultra nanoindentation tester:

Vacuum and Flow Degasser:

Vacuum Degasser:

High Temperature Vacuum Tribometer

Vacuum Tribometer:

Vapor sorption volumetric gas sorption analyzer:

Vapor sorption volumetric gas sorption analyzer:
VSTAR 2 Station

Vapor sorption volumetric gas sorption analyzer:
VSTAR 2 Station Turbo

Vapor sorption volumetric gas sorption analyzer:
VSTAR 4 Station

Vapor sorption volumetric gas sorption analyzer:
VSTAR 4 Station Turbo

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Checking the purity and efficacy of drugs from small volumes

In drug discovery and reverse engineering, the samples you have to work with are often small. When measuring optical rotation or specific rotation using polarimeters of the MCP series this problem is solved by using the sample cells of 2.5 mm length. These small cells are also well-suited for measurements on dark-colored samples. Modular systems such as the Modulyzer offer a space- and sample-saving solution for measuring both optical rotation and refractive index in one measuring cycle from the same sample vial.

Accelerating library generation for drug discovery

The generation of compound libraries of substances synthesized simultaneously or sequentially for drug discovery is time-consuming and expensive. Reaction parameters such as temperature, time, and variations in solvents, additives, catalysts or the molar ratios of the substrates have to be optimized in advance. In addition, the required product quantities change during the drug discovery process. Employing microwave-assisted synthesis can dramatically reduce reaction times compared to conventional heating. Due to the expected time savings for a typical library production, for example, the common period of 37 days is reduced to only 2 days. Using Anton Paar’s Monowave 400 with an automated vial handling system, 24-compound libraries can be synthesized sequentially. Multiwave PRO with silicon carbide plates allows reaction screening of up to 192 positions.

Checking the stability of solutions

Consumers will be unhappy if solutions such as eye drops contain agglomerates. To check solutions for agglomerates, the Litesizer particle size analyzer can be used to measure the transmittance. If the transmittance of the solution is low, the product may not meet the high standards demanded by the market.  

Instrumentation installed, qualified, and working for you in 1 to 3 days

Compliance is one thing, getting a new measuring instrument set up, integrated, and ready for audits is another. Implementing Anton Paar’s Pharma Qualification Package for selected instruments gets your new instrument up and running within days. It covers all the steps of a complete instrument qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, Risk Analysis, 21 CFR Part 11 Checklist, Deviation List, Traceability Matrix, and user SOP as a Word file). The package fulfills the requirements of GMP, 21 CFR Part 11, GAMP 5, USP <1058> and can be used for subsequent requalifications. 

Assessing temperature- and humidity-induced changes to formulations

Pharmaceutical drugs can be exposed to humidity and temperature changes during the production process and storage. These conditions may lead to an unexpected phase transition, resulting in a change of effectiveness or, in the worst case, in negative effects. Investigating the influence of temperature and relative humidity on the crystal structure, phase transitions, and polymorphism of drugs can be done using non-ambient X-ray diffraction. Utilizing Anton Paar’s CHC plus+ Cryo & Humidity Chamber, X-ray diffraction data can be recorded at high relative humidity and various temperatures. The chamber enables the variation of the humidity at constant temperature and also the variation of the temperature at constant humidity, by following the dew-point curve. 



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