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  • DMA™ 35 - now with lifetime sensor insurance

    This portable density and concentration meter is truly designed for on-site measurements in your environment and will withstand all conditions – the lifetime sensor insurance underlines our promise to you. 

Exclusive online offer: Lifetime sensor insurance

Years of experience in concentration and density measurement, thorough research, and a quest for perfection have led to the creation of a portable density meter that is built to excel in your environment. A splash-proof housing, gesture control for one-hand measurements, wireless data transfer, and the smart positioning of the oscillator will get you the most accurate and reliable results, regardless of the conditions.

We at Anton Paar stand firmly behind our products and do not make empty promises. This is why for a limited time DMA™ 35 comes with an exclusive lifetime sensor insurance when purchased online. If for any reason the measurement cell of your device should break, Anton Paar will cover all replacement costs, guaranteeing a lifetime of highly accurate, reliable results – and peace of mind.

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Built to withstand even the harshest conditions. Now with lifetime sensor insurance.

Understanding your environment. Excelling at meeting your measurement needs.

Whether you want to measure the concentration of lead acid batteries in your production area, control the fermentation process directly at the tank in the winery, or perform quick quality checks on incoming goods: DMA™ 35 delivers results in lab quality, no matter where you are.

Density measurement even in harsh environments

A leak- and splash-proof housing according to protection class IP54 is a must for digital hydrometers used for in- and outdoor operation. DMA™ 35 is unaffected by spills caused by cleaning procedures in production areas or splash water, and can even be operated with wet gloves.

Reliable fermentation control in breweries and wineries

Due to the smart positioning of the oscillator, DMA™ 35 delivers the most stable results available on the market for fermenting samples such as beer or must. The position of the measuring cell can tremendously influence the reliability and stability of results when you deal with fermented samples that were not properly degassed in advance. The oscillator in DMA™ 35 is placed at an optimal angle, ensuring gas bubbles move outside the measuring cell, where they cannot affect results.

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Built to withstand even the harshest conditions. Now with lifetime sensor insurance.

Take the guesswork out of measurement: Get results in lab quality, no matter where you are

Fill and measure hot samples

Sample temperatures of up to 100 °C (212 °F)

Make the right call exactly when you have to! DMA™ 35 empowers you to reliably measure density and concentration even at high sample temperatures. Measure the extract content of wort directly after cooking and instantly decide how to proceed to ensure the desired alcoholic strength of beer after fermentation.

Sample filling in one second

Instant sample filling of low- and high-viscosity samples with built-in pump or syringe

Unlike automatic sampling pumps, the sample can be filled into the measuring cell within one second – no matter whether you fill a low-viscosity sample using the built-in manual pump or a highly viscous sample via syringe. An additional benefit: As you do not have any expensive wearing parts in DMA™ 35, you can easily do all cleaning and maintenance work yourself.

Easily measure hard-to-reach samples

Gesture control for no-hassle one-hand measurements

Whether you have to climb up ladders or racks, the gesture control of DMA™ 35 ensures you will get the job done safely. Turning the instrument towards your body starts the RFID reading, turning it to the right starts a measurement, and turning it to the left aborts the measurement. Your other hand is free to be wherever you need it – at all times.

Convenient data handling in the field

Integrated Bluetooth® and RFID interface for wireless data transfer and instant sample identification

DMA™ 35 is the only portable density meter that is equipped with an integrated Bluetooth® and RFID interface at no additional charge. The RFID interface automatically reads RFID tags at sample locations, changes instrument settings, and measures the sample accordingly. There’s no need to carry around a cable if you want to archive or print out data: DMA™ 35 is equipped with a Bluetooth® interface for wireless data transfer to a PC or mobile thermal printer for convenient data handling.

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Built to withstand even the harshest conditions. Now with lifetime sensor insurance.