Checking the quality of maritime fuel on board

Density or API gravity helps identifying the type and quality of maritime fuels. Before the refueling process is initiated, the fuel quality can be checked directly on board of a yacht by measuring the density with DMA 35 Ex Petrol.

A little luxury

With currently a total of more than 10,000 superyachts with a length of more than 24 m and a great many more smaller ones, the global demand for this way of recreation is steadily growing at a pace of 5 % per year. The gradual increase in recent years is due to a raised disposal income of individuals and their claim for luxury tourism and exclusive travelling particularly in industrialized regions.

These extraordinary recreational activities depend on powerful propulsion systems in motor driven yachts with the fastest of them reaching top speeds of 67 knots (77 mph or 124 km/h).

Where ever their owners lie at anchor to refill not only groceries but also fuel tanks, they expect high quality for great performance and longevity of their engines.

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