Density measurement to ensure the quality of aqueous urea solutions

Reducing exhaust emissions is inevitable to meet the requirements of exhaust standards. A growing number of modern diesel engines therefore uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to convert nitrogen oxide to nitrogen and water by injecting an aqueous urea solution (AUS) into the exhaust pipeline. Checking the density of this solution is needed to conform to standards and to ensure a stable operation of the catalytic system.

General aspects on the reduction of exhaust emissions

A major environmental concern is the reduction of exhaust emissions to meet national and international regulations and sustainability targets. In motor vehicles with diesel engines special focus was set on the reduction of particulate matters (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. A key technology for reducing NOx emissions is the so-called ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction’ (SCR) in which an aqueous urea solution (AUS) is used as a reduction agent to convert NOx to a less harmful mixture of water vapor and nitrogen.

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