Identifying the type of crude oil and final products by means of density measurement with DMA 35 Ex Petrol

The density helps identifying the type and quality of petroleum-based samples. The quality of crude oil can be screened directly on-site such as at fuel depots, deep well drilling plants or pipelines by means of density measurement with DMA 35 Ex Petrol. When crude oil is bought or sold by volume, the correct weight has to be known. Here, the determination of the density allows the volume-to-weight conversion.


In the distillation tower of an oil refinery, crude oil is split into several different fractions with different densities and boiling points – from fuel for ships, to lubricants and gasoline for vehicles. No matter whether inspecting the quality of a product in the refinery itself, at a gas station, airport or on a ship, the density is an important piece of the puzzle when identifying fuels.

In addition, during biodiesel production, determination of the density is used to distinguish between the original raw materials (such as vegetable oil, waste oil and alcohols) as well as the separated fractions ester and glycerol developed during transesterification.

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