Recommended Results

Cleaning Recommendations for DMA 35


Careful cleaning of the U-tube oscillators of digital density meters is of crucial importance for obtaining good results. The oscillator of DMA™ 35 is made of high-quality DURAN borosilicate glass and should never be cleaned mechanically. All residues and contaminants have to be removed by rinsing only. The correct choice of cleaning agents will make cleaning faster and measurements more accurate.

Cleaning agents

Usually, two cleaning agents have to be used. The first cleaning agent ("agent 1") is the one that actually cleans the cell. This means that this fluid must dissolve the sample. The second cleaning agent ("agent 2") must remove the first one (which is then already mixed with sample). It must not attack the U-tube or leave any deposits, as drops of agent 2 will remain in the U-tube. If, for example, water is used as agent 2, it must be purified water to prevent limestone deposits.

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