Density measurement of biodiesel

Spanning the whole production process from monitoring of raw material to quality control of the final product, the applications for Anton Paar's digital density meters in the biodiesel production process are manifold.

Biodiesel – a renewable energy source

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from fats or oils of plant or animal origin. Pure biodiesel, also known as FAME (fatty acid methyl ester), is referred to as B100.

Biodiesel is miscible with petroleum diesel in any ratio and is used as an additive to automotive diesel fuel (e.g. B7 referring to a blend that contains 7 % biodiesel according to standards) and as a fuel for heating purposes [1].

[1] Stability of Biodiesel – Used as a fuel for diesel engines and heating systems. Summary Report. Wieselburg, August 2003.

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