Efficiency Meets Sustainability – Biodiesel Measurements Made Easy

Biodiesel is one of the most promising candidates as an alternative to petroleum-derived fuels for a more sustainable future. The broad range of Anton Paar’s excellent digital measurement technologies is ideally suited to make sure that product specifications for FAMEs (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) are met during production, handling and use.

The importance of investigating alternative resources to substitute fuels derived from fossil resources has significantly grown within the last decades. The trend is further reinforced by rapidly decreasing geological oil reserves, global warming and increased environmental awareness across earth’s population. All these factors demand a change of todays energy mix, eventually leading to a more sustainable future.

Biofuels seem to be one of the most promising solutions and when it comes to compression-ignition engines biodiesel is the most widely used representative. Biodiesel (sometimes also referred to as FAME – “fatty acid methyl ester”) can be derived from a wide variety of feedstocks, including rapeseed or soybean, sugarcane, animal fats or even waste cooking oils. Other technologies utilize enzymatic methods or algae for the production of biodiesel fuels. In many countries gas stations typically supply blends of petroleum-based diesel and biodiesel (e.g. B7, denoting 7 % biodiesel content). 

No matter what the natural source, Anton Paar has the perfect measuring technologies for biodiesel as well as for its use as a blend.

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