DMA 35 supports Winter Services for safe Travels

Also in harsh winter weather conditions, people in cars, railways, planes and other means of transportation, and also pedestrians are on the move to get to their final destination. Winter services such as salt application on roads and pathways help commuters to arrive safely.

1 Ice and Snow: a familiar sight in cold climate countries

Also in the winter time, when the roads might be slippery, people have to commute to fulfill their daily tasks, whether by car, train or foot which asks for action to facilitate travels and enhance safety in difficult weather conditions.

Basically, two means of treatment apply: spreading of sand or similar (e.g. ashes or gravel) and the winter maintenance of roads and pathways with salts. While gravel has a blunting effect and causes lots of dust which is an undesired side action especially in densely populated areas, moist salt remains on the road longer and is therefore the more convenient option.

Excess salt may cause damage to metallic road constructions and bridges and has also an environmental impact. Care has to be taken to keep the amount of the applied salt as low as possible and as high as necessary.

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