Wort Measurement Using the Portable DMA 35 Density Meter

The measurement of the wort concentration in the wort kettle is part of the daily quality control routine in the brew house.

Wort measurement then and now

Monitoring the density in the kettle can increase the quality and quantity of the final product, optimizes the boiling efficiency, saves energy, reduces the boiling time and improves the overall brew house efficiency.

Traditionally, a density measurement was done using a glass hydrometer ("saccharometer"). Apart from the high required sample volume, the measurement was tedious, required extensive cleaning, and there was an ever-present risk of breaking the glassware. With the portable density meter DMA 35 measurements can be performed easily and quickly. The whole measuring range is covered by one single instrument and the result is given in °Plato on the large display. Temperature correction is performed automatically.

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