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Dairy products are subject to the strongest quality control regulations throughout production and in the packaged product. Both Anton Paar’s laboratory and process instrumentation are reliable solutions to fulfill these high demands.


Milk and dairy products are very complex substances that are composed of an expansive diversity of different molecular species. Being the product of mammary glands, milk is the primary food source for neonatal mammals. The milk from cows is the main source of dairy products and will therefore subsequently be looked at in more detail.

Many factors affect the composition of raw milk such as the cow‘s breed, age, physical state and seasonal variations in the animal‘s diet. Therefore, only an approximate milk composition of 87 % - 88 % water and
12 % - 13 % total solids can be given. The total solids consist of approx.
4 % fat and 9 % solids-non-fat (SNF) such as proteins, lactose, minerals, vitamins, and many more.

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