Food Analysis and Instrumentation

Food Analysis and Instrumentation

Analytical instruments to test food and feed products

Evolving consumer expectations, the introduction of new food products, and a generation of environmentally conscious consumers, pet owners, and farmers demanding premium-quality feed calls for products that adhere to stringent food analysis.

At Anton Paar, our exceptional portfolio of food analysis instrumentation assists you in meeting these challenges. Conduct comprehensive hazard analysis at critical control points, develop new products and formulations, assess food and packaging quality, and monitor process efficiency with instruments for chemical analysis, physical testing, and testing during process.

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Our New, Must-Read E-Book: “The Field Guide to Food and Feed Testing”

Your comprehensive guide for chemical and physical food analysis, and testing during the manufacturing of food products. This e-book contains real measurement data and explains how to overcome some of the most common challenges in food quality and food safety assessments

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The Anton Paar Food Analysis and Instrumentation Portfolio

Anton Paar focuses on solving challenges faced during food quality and food safety analyses with a portfolio of instruments for chemical analysis, physical testing, and testing during food manufacturing, to guarantee the highest quality and safety of food and feed products.

Chemical Food Analysis

Our chemical analysis solutions are designed for microwave-assisted digestion of food, polarimetry, Raman spectroscopy, concentration determination of dissolved gases, and more. They ensure proper sample preparation prior to elemental analysis, measure dissolved oxygen in milk packaging, and assess glucosamine quality. Additionally, they determine sucrose purity, measure sucrose and lactose levels in dairy products, analyze the molecular rotation of stevia, and evaluate the fat content of chocolate-based products.

Our instruments also assess the oxidation stability of chia seeds and oils, extract diterpenes from oil, and detect titanium dioxide in food, ensuring high standards of safety and quality.

Physical Food Testing

Our physical testing instruments offer essential analyses for the food industry in the realm of particle sizing, rheometry, x-ray diffraction and more. They are used to evaluate crystallinity in sugars, chocolates, and palm oil, assess the rheology of starch and flour products, and to measure particle size in food powders, plant-based products, and rice derivatives. We have solutions to determine the density of sauces, flow behavior of pudding, viscosity of dairy and milk alternatives, and homogenization efficiency of milk.

Additionally, using our instruments, users can test cereal grain hardness, measure moisture in honey, check dry matter in syrups, and characterize powder flow behavior during storage and transport.

Testing During Food Manufacturing

Our testing solutions for food manufacturing cover both physical and chemical parameters essential for product quality and process efficiency. These include process instrumentation to conduct flow and density measurements for precise dosing, and concentration measurements during yogurt blending.

We provide density and dissolved oxygen measurement instrumentation for milk and other dairy products processing, gluten analysis for raw material intake, and syrup concentration during pharmaceutical gummy production. Besides process sensors, we offer extruders to measure process parameters for the production of protein and meat alternatives, pulses, and insect-based fish feed.

Our Food Analysis Applications

We offer solutions for all your specific food analysis and instrumentation needs. Whether you are working with dairy, chocolate, sugar or feed products, we have got you covered with solutions, ranging from laboratory and process instruments all the way to extrusion solutions.

Dairy analysis

Take a closer look at our solutions that monitor milk powder production and storage. We provide dairy analysis instrumentation to find novel formulations, for example to avoid phase separation in milk-based drinks, and to conduct simple quality control checks.

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Chocolate and confectionary quality testing

Our portfolio for chocolate quality testing helps you determine key quality parameters of cocoa powder and other raw ingredients. Furthermore, you can investigate the flow properties of chocolate melt, conduct texture analysis and get a better understanding of the crystallization of fats and sugars in your confectionary products.

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Sugar analysis

In addition to precisely measuring sugar concentrations in food – both in the lab and on the production line – Anton Paar's renowned sugar analysis solutions allow for the comprehensive characterization of various sugar types. These solutions assess sucrose and glucose content, purity, color, optical rotation, and several other critical parameters, ensuring thorough and reliable analysis. This approach provides invaluable insights for quality control and product development in the food industry.

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Starch and Grain Products

With Anton Paar’s new Brabender family of instruments, customers are ready to fully characterize baking and milling products. The Brabender line of instrumentation complements Anton Paar’s well-established portfolio for particle size and shape characterization, powder flow properties assessment, density measurement, and more.

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