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Density and Sound Velocity Concentration Sensor:
L-Com 5500

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  • Highly accurate concentration sensor 
  • Ideal for measuring 3-component mixtures
  • Modular and compact minimizes integration effort and costs
  • Easy commissioning and operation
  • No consumables, no maintenance

L-Com 5500 is a smart density and sound velocity sensor combined into one instrument with an accuracy of 0.05 kg/m³ for density measurement and 0.1 m/s for sound velocity measurement. This lets you conduct concentration measurements of 3-component mixtures with just one instrument. This concentration sensor meets the requirements of a wide variety of applications in the chemical, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Key features

One concentration sensor to measure 3-component mixtures

One concentration sensor to measure 3-component mixtures

  • Enjoy the benefits of an L-Dens 7500 density sensor and an L-Sonic sound velocity sensor in one instrument to measure 3-component mixtures in different industries
  • Use L-Com 5500 for a range of applications like
    • Breweries: measure alcohol and extract concentration in beer 
    • Chemical industry: measure formaldehyde-methanol-water concentration in formaldehyde production, where in this application the explosion proof version is used.
Accuracy and reliability under changing process conditions

Accuracy and reliability under changing process conditions

  • Get the best accuracy on the market
    • 0.05 kg/m³ for density measurement
    • 0.1 m/s for sound velocity measurement
  • The metallic sensor technology, without thermal insulation by plastic coating, enables exact concentration measurements – even with temperature fluctuations
One instrument, three installation options

One instrument, three installation options

  • Know you won’t need maintenance or consumables since there’s no moving parts
  • Install the concentration sensor with low integration costs thanks to its modular design
  • Benefit from flexible installation options: inline, bypass, or tank installation
  • Use our small pumps – integrated into the instrument unit – that are controlled by the instrument itself for either extremely fluctuating or no flow
  • Do this even in hazardous areas with the Inline Pump 300 Ex d
Easy commissioning, simple operation

Easy commissioning, simple operation

  • Connect the concentration sensor to the powerful mPDS 5 evaluation unit or combine it with the smart transmitter Pico 3000
  • Choose from a variety of communication protocols, according to your needs
  • Start measuring immediately after installation
In-house experts ready to help

In-house experts ready to help

  • Specialized team of experts leverages its deep industry knowledge to develop solutions for any application
  • Rely on our comprehensive database and application know-how for a wide range of industries
  • Send your sample to our lab for a tailored formula that fits your needs if your application isn’t in our database

Technical specifications

  L-Com 5500
Measuring range Max. 2000 kg/m³
800 m/s to 2000 m/s
Standard adjustment range density
Standard adjustment range sound velocity
700 kg/m³ to 1200 kg/m³
800 m/s to 2000 m/s
Material of the wetted parts Alloy C-276
Accuracy density in the adjusted range 
Repeatability sound velocity in the adjusted range 
0.05 kg/m³
0.01 m/s
Process temperature -25 °C to +125 °C (145 °C for max. 30 min.)
Ambient temperature (non-Ex versions) -25 °C to +65 °C (without Pico 3000)
Process pressure absolute Max. 50 bar
Recommended flow rate 100 L/h to 500 L/h
Communication Can be combined with Pico 3000, Pico 3000 RC, and mPDS 5
Process connections Adapter for inline, bypass, and tank installation
Flange: EN, ANSI, JIS, Tri-Clamp, Varivent®; G 3/8”, Tube OD 12 mm; others on request


non-Ex version (L x W x H)
Ex version (L x W x H)


258 mm x 142 mm x 192 mm
258 mm x 156 mm x 214 mm

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