Chemistry | Automatic product identification during unloading

Protect your employees, your plant, the environment and your budget. Unloading a liquid into a wrong tank can cause severe injury and even death of people, destroy equipment, the environment and can easily run up a bill of many 100,000 USD. Be safe with the use of Anton Paar Process Instrumentation.

The installation of a process sensor to identify the delivered product is a big step forward to have a safe unloading procedure. The sensor is installed in the pipe between flange for unloading and tank. Only if the measuring value of unloaded product matches with the value of the expected liquid the valve will open and the unloading procedure starts.

Depending on the application either density, sound velocity or refractive index can be the best solution to get a clear identification of the unloaded product.Besides product identification you will also get information on the concentration of the delivered product.

Anton Paar with decades of experience in process measurement will support to find the best solution.Anton Paar process sensors are highly accurate, robust, maintenance free and easy to integrate. Our global sales and service network with a strong application development team is the perfect combination to handle a project from the first request to the realization.

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