Chemistry | CH2O | Online measurement of formaldehyde and methanol concentration

A reliable and highly accurate online measurement of the methanol concentration of methanol/water mixtures with L-Dens 7400 and the formaldehyde and methanol concentration of formalin with L-Com 5500 ensures the efficiency of the formaldehyde production process and the quality of the delivered products.

Formaldehyde CH2O

Formaldehyde (methanal) is the simplest of the aldehydes and is one of the most important basic chemicals. It is a colorless gas at ambient temperature with an irritating odor and a very good solubility in water, alcohol or other solvents. Commercially formaldehyde is available as aqueous solution which is called formalin (30 – 50 %) or in solid form.

Aqueous formaldehyde solutions form paraform-aldehyde solids during storage. This reaction is enhanced at higher concentrations and lower temperatures. At higher temperatures it has the tendency to form formic acid. Therefore it has to be stabilized. This is mostly done by the addition of methanol (0.5 -15 %).

If methanol negatively influences subsequent production steps, another stabilizer can also be used in low concentrations of several hundred mg/L.

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