We don't just talk about ESG, we act. We see commitment to sustainability, as well as social and transparent business ethics, as self-evident, deeply rooted in our DNA, and as an obligation to ensure a healthy planet and society for generations to come.

The world tomorrow


At Anton Paar, we recognize our moral obligation to future generations. We owe it to them to act on climate change and natural resource scarcity.

Energy and the environment have been essential elements of Anton Paar's corporate business for many years.

  • The 3,200 m² photovoltaic system at Anton Paar headquarters generates over 600,000 kWh of energy per year
  • Our PV systems, which span 6,700 m², save over 236 tons of CO₂ per year
  • Over 30 % of our heating/cooling needs at our base locations are satisfied via alternative energy sources
  • We offer employee incentives for environmentally friendly commuting, as well as electric charging stations and company bicycles
  • We’re building one of the largest ice storage tanks in Europe to reduce energy consumption
  • In 2021, we improved energy consumption by 7%.

Anton Paar headquarters has been ISO 9001-certified since 1989. Additionally, our German and Austrian company sites are ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 matrix-certified. Six of the company’s production sites are certified according to ISO 50001, and a further two production sites are additionally ISO 14001-certified.

Continuous system monitoring of energy and environmental data at our respective sites, regular internal audits, and site inspections optimize green performance.

For official company journeys, we have electric cars, and for short distances we offer e-bicycles. Employees who use an electric vehicle to get to work can use free charging points.

Everyone has value


At Anton Paar, we recognize the value in every single individual and strive to help others in ways that promote human dignity.

We show respect

Each of our employees is important and valuable. We promote a culture of respect and diversity driven by the shared values of curiosity and innovation in the workplace and beyond.

We think of others

We understand not everyone has access to the same life chances. The charitable Santner Foundation, which owns Anton Paar, contributes to programs that support those less fortunate and advances the equitable distribution of material goods.

Our social programs

Alpha Nova: Together

Alpha Nova helps people with disabilities and other impediments lead their own lives as part of society. We support the project, for example, by offering people with disabilities a job, thus putting the integration of people with disabilities into practice.

Amahoro Kids: Opening ways

In Rwanda, one of the poorest countries in the world, children suffer from chronic malnutrition, poor hygiene, violence, child labor, and exploitation. The non-profit organization, Amahoro Kids, supports them and their families. With a truck we purchased for them, families are now able to transport their agricultural yields to regional markets, and ensure basic supplies and an education for their children.

Caritas Lerncafé: Learning, supporting, caring

Doing homework, preparing for exams, having fun together – 62 Lerncafés in Austria provide support and care for children. Not only do the children receive help with schoolwork, they also interact with different nationalities and strengthen their social skills. We’ve financed one such Lerncafé since 2019 – with special online support during the Covid pandemic.

Caritas Marienstüberl: A place of encounter

Every day, 280 people visit the Marienstüberl in Graz. People who live on the edge of society and who need a warm meal and someone to talk to. Over the years, we’ve supported the project financially.

"Die Schwalbe”: A temporary home

When women are unable to pursue paid employment due to mental illness or a life crisis, they’re welcomed in at “The Swallow’s Nest” in Graz, a familiar and secure home for women after a stay in a psychiatric clinic. At “The Swallow’s Nest,” they can stabilize themselves and get back to an independent life. We sponsored the project throughout 2021.

Instruments for Colombia: Investing in the future

The education sector in Colombia faces numerous challenges: University degrees are affordable only for the affluent few, primarily due to high fees and low government contributions, and universities find it difficult to acquire scientific equipment. We’ll be providing five Colombian universities with Anton Paar instruments.

Offline: Back to working life

Offline is a Santner Foundation project dedicated to preventing and combating addiction. It offers people suffering from addiction the chance to work on, and acquire qualifications via, low-threshold projects. The products they produce include clothing, accessories, and furniture, all of which are sold in a project-owned shop in Graz.

Project Kalam: Making a change

In India, many school buildings need to be renovated, basic water and sanitation facilities are often missing, and there are few playgrounds. Through Project Kalam, we’re doing our bit by renovating schools.

VinziBus: Food for everyone

Since 1991, the VinziBus has driven around Graz, feeding more than 30 needy people per day. We’ve supported the project for many years, and some of our employees help pack the meals.

VinziDorf Hospice: Help in darkest hours

Homeless people need help, especially in the most difficult times. We financed construction of a first hospice for the homeless in 2017. Recently, we sponsored an intensive care bed and the costs for food, staff, and medication for 100 days.

The highest standards


At Anton Paar, we never compromise on quality, we advance leadership equality, and we adhere to the standards of accountability and transparency.

ISO 9001: Quality first

Anton Paar has been ISO 9001-certified for years, meaning that our quality management system meets every customer requirement.

Conflict minerals: Not in our products

In line with our commitment to the environment, safety and security, human rights and health, we place great value on the sustainable use of resources. Anton Paar abides by the Dodd-Frank Act: Our products contain no conflict minerals. We ensure this via the legal duty-of-care our suppliers are governed by.

Whistleblowing: EU-conformant

The Anton Paar Group AG is committed to complying with rules, regulations, and laws: We adhere to the EU Whistleblowing Directive (2019/1937) and have implemented a whistleblowing system – which offers everyone the possibility to report violations. Reports are treated confidentially, investigations are initiated, and follow-up action is taken.

Women in leading positions: Path to equality

In 1932, Anton Paar’s daughter, Margareta Platzer, was the first female master machinist in Styria in 1932. Today, women hold well over a quarter of leading positions at our company.

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