Chemistry | H2SO4 | Process Measurement of H2SO4 from 0 to 110 %

Anton Paar’s density sensor L-Dens 7400 and sound velocity sensor L-Sonic 5100 are suitable wherever an H2SO4 measurement is required. Together with the L-Com 5500 a continuous and accurate monitoring of H2SO4 and oleum, even in the transition range 90 – 110%, is possible.

Concentration measurement of H2SO4 solutions and oleum

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a color- and odorless oily liquid that is soluble in water in any ratio, in a reaction that is highly exothermic. It is a central substance in the chemical industry and is used in different concentrations for the production of fertilizers, oil refining, wastewater processing and chemical synthesis as well as for a wide range of end applications, e.g. as electrolyte in lead-acid batteries.

Anton Paar sensors are suitable wherever H2SO4 measurement is required and cover the entire concentration range of H2SO4 (0 - 100 %) as well as in the oleum range (0 - 45 % free SO3). Wetted parts are built of highly resistant materials such as Tantalum or Hastelloy.

To guarantee highest accurate H2SO4 concentration measurement in the process, the physical property which shows the biggest change upon change in acid concentration should be employed. Depending on the measuring range, different measuring methods are available to achieve highly accurate measurement results.

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