Chemistry | Concentration Measurement

In order to optimize energy consumption and to save valuable resources during the production of chemical liquids, plant operators have to continuously measure data such as concentration, raw density, sound velocity, or refractive index in the process line. The transfer of common laboratory measuring methods into industrial processes is not only a question of the suitable measuring technology but also of how and where integration is most efficient.

To run chemical reactions in an optimal range and to control the product quality, online concentration measurement is required. This ensures a fast intervention in case of concentration variation during production. Moreover, the concentration measurement reflects the quality of the products.

For each chemical a specific method should be used, e.g. density, sound velocity, and refractive index values which also strongly depend on the temperatures and concentrations of the substances. The highest measurement accuracies are necessary to calculate the exact concentration values. For the calculation of these values, concentration formulas are required. They can be developed based on the raw measurement data (density, sound velocity, and refractive index).

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