Chemistry | NaOH | 3-Component NaOH Measurement on the Example of the Viscose Process

For the industrial use, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) does usually not occur as a 2-component aqueous solution, but with a third component, such as salts or carbon chains/organic compounds. The concentration measurement of its single components is a challenge. The combination of density and sound velocity measurement, realized in the Anton Paar sensor L-Com 5500, enables the measurement of 3-component solutions with one single sensor.

NaOH Measurement

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is one of the main substances in the chemical industry. It plays a major role in the manufacturing of soap as well as in the aluminum ore process, to extract alumina from naturally occurring minerals. Furthermore, it is used in many paper making processes and in the textile industry, in the production of viscose.

For an economic process, product quality and production costs must be optimized. Online monitoring of the NaOH concentration can meet this requirement.

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