Beverage | Soft Drinks | Online Process Measurement in the Soft Drink Industry

Multi-parameter Inline Beverage Analysis in the soft drink production allows reliable and precise tracking of quality parameters to improve production efficiency with significant savings of syrup, water and CO2. Parameters such as sugar content, diet concentration and CO2 are measured and controlled in real-time to quickly identify production problems and to ensure that legal and quality requirements are met.

A multitude of different additives, such as fruit concentrates, spices, acids and salts in combination with sweeteners and carbon dioxide, have helped to improve the quality of water as a thirst-quencher and have led to an unprecedented variety of soft drinks. 

With the increase of soft drink production and consumption over the last few decades, the standards for quality control have also been refined. Parameters such as sugar content, diet concentration and CO2 are checked online during production and in the finished product to ensure that legal and corporate requirements are met.

Anton Paar provides equipment for reliable, fast and accurate process and laboratory quality control in the beverage industry for both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

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