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  • The Ball Measuring System for MCR rheometer series
  • The Ball Measuring System for RheolabQC

Ball Measuring System

The Ball Measuring System (BMS) is used to measure the flow properties of samples with very large particles, such as building materials (cement, concrete, plaster) and foods. The measuring principle, developed by Müller-Thyrach, is based on an excentrically rotating sphere which is available in various diameters. Due to the outstanding motor control of RheolabQC and the MCR rheometer series, a full flow and viscosity curve can be recorded in one single revolution of the measuring system.

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Key Features

Technical highlights

  • Enables measurements of samples with very large particles
  • Determination of the full flow curve in one revolution due to excellent speed control
  • Different measuring systems available to be able to measure a large range of sample viscosities


  • For samples that contain large particles (more than 1 mm in diameter)
  • Building materials: Measurement of flow properties, setting behavior, and the influence of additives
  • Food: Measurement of flow properties of complete samples, such as jam with fruit particles, meat sauces, or rice pudding

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