Food | Viscosity Measurement of Food with the Ball Measuring System for RheolabQC

This report describes the advantages of determining the rheological properties of food and shows how measurement with samples containing particles approx. in the size of 1 to 5 mm diameter can be performed.

Why Rheological Characterization of Food is Important

Imagine you want to spread jam on your bread - but the jam is too thick and you do not get a satisfactory result. Or - maybe even worse - the jam is so thin that it runs off the bread and leaves stains on your clothes. Well, maybe you accept this rheological behavior of the jam if it is your grandmother’s homemade specialty. Professional food producers, however, have to meet the customer’s demand for the perfect consistency of food products. If jam or yoghurt, for example, is purchased in the supermarket, the customer expects a certain consistency and certain rheological behavior of this product.

Many food producers already use rotational rheometers for the quality control of their products. In most cases, measuring systems like cylinders or stirrers are used.

However, large particles often prevent or influence rheological tests. Therefore the RheolabQC offers the ball measuring system.

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