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  • GISAXS Stage
  • GISAXS Heating Module
  • GISAXS Heating Module


Every sample is a star and deserves the best possible sample stage for high-quality GISAXS analysis.

The unique and precise GI-SAXS Stage enables grazing incidence (GI) SAXS studies at non-ambient conditions (temperatures up to +500 °C) on nanostructured surfaces.

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Key Features

GISAXS studies of nanostructured surfaces

  • Investigate nanostructured surfaces and thin-film samples using grazing-incidence (GI) small-angle X-ray scattering.
  • The GISAXS Heating Module enables GISAXS studies at elevated temperatures up to +500 °C and under controlled atmosphere.
  • Sample positioning with highest precision ensure high-quality results.



Technical Specifications

Tilting precision  ≤ 0.001°
Temperatureup to +500 °C
Sample size
up to 100 x 100 mm²


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