Online sales FAQ

This is the website of Anton Paar Benelux. It only serves customers from Belgium and Luxembourg.

If you are from a different country, please choose your country here.

Purchase and Payment

How can I place an online order on the Anton Paar website?

Before you can place an online order on our website you must open an Anton Paar shop account by registering here. You will be asked to enter personal details and a password.

Is there a difference between the web login and the shop login?

Yes, these are two separate user accounts. As a registered web user, Anton Paar classifies you as trustworthy and gives you unlimited access to all documents available for download on the website, to instruction manuals and software. As a registered shop user, you can order available products from Anton Paar online. You can either login or register for both accounts here.

In what currency can I pay for my online order?

For Belgium and Luxembourg, payment can be made in EUR only. If you are not from Belgium or Luxembourg you can change to the correct website here.

How can I pay?

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit card

We accept the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard

To complete the payment via credit/debit card, it is necessary to validate your identity via 3-D Secure Authentication. Please make sure to complete this process, otherwise we cannot process your order. You will get an automatic confirmation of receipt if your order was placed successfully.

  • Payment within 14 days (only existing customers)

After you complete your order you will receive an invoice soon. Please pay the open amount to the account stated on the invoice. The payment needs to be made within 14 days of receiving the invoice. This option is only available for existing customers who have previously bought from Anton Paar.

  • Prepayment

If you choose the prepayment option, please pay the open amount to the account presented at the checkout and given in your automatic confirmation of receipt email. We will proceed with your order as soon as we receive your payment.

How can I use promotion codes and coupons?

If you have a promotion code or coupon, you can enter the code in your cart and click “apply code”. Please check for correct spelling and validation of the code. If your code is valid, the correct prices will be automatically displayed after the code is applied.

Where do I see the adapted price if there is a price rule in place for me?

If we have generated a specific price rule for you, you can see the adapted product price in the shopping cart.

How do I know if a product is available for online purchase?

Only products available for online purchase can be added to the shopping cart of the website. If all the items you want to buy are in the cart you can go to the checkout and complete your purchase. If an item is not available online you can request a quotation by clicking the corresponding button.

How do I get a quote before completing my online purchase?

If you need a quote for your planned online purchase you can print your cart by clicking the corresponding button within the shopping cart of the website.

I need a pro forma invoice to arrange the payment of my order. How do I get it?

During the checkout process you can request a pro forma invoice for your order – just leave a note in the comment field at checkout. We will send you the pro forma invoice by email soon after you complete the order.

Is there a minimum order value to complete my purchase?

Yes, there is a minimum order value. You can only proceed with your online purchase if the total amount of your order is the same as or higher than € 20.-.

Transport and Delivery

Where does my order get shipped to?

Your order will be shipped to the shipping address you define during the checkout. This website only delivers to addresses within Belgium or Luxembourg. If you want to ship to another country, please change to the correct website here.

Can I use different countries for billing and shipping?

Unfortunately it is not possible to choose different countries for billing and shipping. During the checkout it is mandatory to choose the same country for the shipping address as was chosen for the billing address.

How long does the shipping take?

Delivery times depend on the current stock status and the destination. You can find the estimated delivery times in the product details. We will inform you about the dispatch and the estimated delivery date of the item(s) by email.

Does my order come in one or several parcels?

We will arrange for dispatch of the items you have ordered as quickly as possible. We may dispatch items you have ordered in one or more parcel(s).

Can I track my order?

Unfortunately we cannot provide a tracking code as we work with various different forwarding agencies which are not integrated in our system.

Is there transport insurance?

We will ship based on Incoterm 2020 CIP, in which case we will take care of shipping, handling, packaging, and insurance.

Can I pick up my order personally?

Unfortunately, personal pickups are not possible.

Service and Returns

Can I send my order back?

If you want to return your order please get in touch with us. Please don’t forget to provide your instrument’s serial number and your order number.

Do I have warranty on my purchased products?

Yes, there is a three-year warranty period. You can find more information about our warranty program here.

Taxes and Duties

Do I have to pay tax on my order?

All deliveries to Belgium are subject to the value-added tax law of Belgium. All deliveries to Luxembourg are subject to the value-added tax law of Luxembourg. By default all articles sold on the Anton Paar website are shown without taxes, when registered as a private customer the taxes are included in pricing.

How is my VAT number taken into consideration on the Anton Paar website?

Your VAT number is validated by Anton Paar using a web-based service. Please make sure that your VAT number matches your chosen country.

With regard to intra-community supplies, VAT validation and all subsequent actions are based on your entered shipping address. Please note that you may enter more than one address in the Address Book section in your account and may define one of those addresses as your default shipping address. All actions based on VAT validation are done based on your default shipping address.


All questions answered? If not, please get in touch with our Live Chat team.