Baby Food Safety Act: Determining Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Baby Food Safety Act: Determining Heavy Metals in Baby Food

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Keeping levels of contamination in general, and of toxic heavy metals in particular, low in foodstuff is a key ambition of health authorities. Infants and young children are more vulnerable to the effects of harmful food contaminants because, for them, the ratio of food intake to body weight is significantly higher than for adults. That’s why legislation regards this population group as requiring specific protection.

This e-book covers regulations for baby food safety and shows procedures and measurement data for ICP-MS analysis of representative baby food samples. It also explains how Anton Paar’s microwave digestion portfolio can help you in this field.

The portfolio comprises a family of modern, sophisticated sample preparation devices. Various models and configurations allow you to customize your equipment for individual tasks. And they ensure you meet even the strictest limit values for the analysis of baby food without problems – now and in the future.

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Each person using these methods is responsible for taking the appropriate safety, health, and environmental protection measures. For further information, please refer to the respective operating instructions. The methods described here apply to the Multiwave 5000/7101/7301/7501 and its predecessor. They are not transferable to other devices. Always follow the general procedure for unknown samples (e.g., start with a low sample weight, observe the reactivity of the sample with the digestion reagents). Note that the maximum achievable sample weight depends on the actual sample composition. Therefore, it may be significantly lower than specified in the method information for a given sample of the same name. Anton Paar GmbH (i) does not assume any warranty for test results based on the use of the operating instructions and (ii) does not assume any liability for damages resulting from the use of the operating instructions. Anton Paar GmbH accepts no liability in the event of improper use or processing contrary to the operating instructions and/or failure to comply with the relevant safety, health, and environmental protection measures and laws.