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Accessory for MCR:
Starch Cell

  • Accessory for “Extended Material Characterization”
  • Starch pasting cell for analysis of starch gelatinization or pasting behavior
  • Max. heating rate: 60 °C/min and max. cooling rate: 45 °C/min
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This starch pasting cell turns your MCR rheometer into a platform for the analysis of starch pasting and gelatinization behavior at elevated pressure and temperature conditions. The high heating and cooling rates required for starch pasting measurements are achieved by combining electrical heating with fluid-circulator-supported cooling. The Starch Cell can also be used to simulate other real food manufacturing process conditions, such as food sterilization, based on tailor-made test programs.

Key features


  • Electrically temperature-controlled concentric cylinder system with water cooling for high heating and cooling rates
  • Temperature range: 0 °C to 160 °C
  • Dedicated stirrer designed to prevent sedimentation before gelling
  • Small sample volume
  • Easily customized workbook templates with pre-defined heating, holding, and cooling intervals
  • Small-volume pressure cell with stirrer for high temperature applications available


  • Automatic calculation of the peak viscosity, peak time, pasting temperature, minimum viscosity (holding strength), final viscosity, breakdown, and setback, similar to the test profiles of AACC-22-08, ICC Standard No. 162, etc.
  • Broad range of analysis methods for your own calculations
  • Easy selection of analysis data directly in the diagram

Starch Pressure Cell

  • Measures pasting behavior at elevated pressure and temperature
  • For the simulation of processing conditions
  • Temperature range: up to 160 °C
  • Maximum pressure: 30 bar
  • Measuring systems: RVA stirrer, starch cell stirrer (according to open system)

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