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"Our passion for precision pushes the boundaries of mechanical surface characterization."

Pierre Voumard, General Manager | Anton Paar TriTec SA

Anton Paar TriTec develops and produces a wide range of instruments which measure mechanical properties of surfaces by using the characterization techniques called indentation, scratch, and tribology. These instruments answer questions such as: How elastic is a material? How well does a surface coating adhere to its substrate? And how resistant is a material to wear? New fields of applications are continuously investigated.

Every day we all use objects which have been engineered by using Anton Paar TriTec products. For example, there is some Anton Paar TriTec in contact lenses. The lens material is chosen for its optical and mechanical properties, which influence the wearing comfort. This is where the bioindenter UNHT³ Bio comes into play. To provide relevant data, the samples are tested by a nanoindentation technique while being immersed in a liquid. A very fine tip is brought in contact with the material surface and allows measurement of the adhesive forces, stiffness, and the viscoelastic properties of the lens.

Anton Paar TriTec is a legacy of research and industry in the Neuchâtel region: The history of our company began in 1939 at the Swiss Laboratory of Watch Research in Neuchâtel, which was integrated into the CSEM, Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology, in the 1980s. It was spun out in 2002 and then called CSM Instruments. In 2013 we joined Anton Paar under the name Anton Paar TriTec SA. Our solid regional anchors and our Swiss-made products give us an excellent foundation for selling our instruments all over the world.

We are always looking for highly innovative people to join our team and grow with us!

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