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ChemBET Pulsar

Automated flow chemisorption and reactivity analyzer

ChemBET Pulsar combines affordability and automation in a compact benchtop catalyst characterization unit. Programmable analysis sequences combined with an automatic loop injector, gas switching, and furnace temperature ramping enable easy pulse titration and temperature-programmed analyses with minimal user intervention. An advanced data reduction package including peak deconvolution, comparable to high-end catalyst characterization units, comes as a standard.

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Technical Specifications

Sample stations 1 analysis and 1 dedicated outgassing
Typical samples size 0.1 g to 1.0 g
Temperature range Ambient to 1100 °C
Temperature ramp rate 1 °C/min to 50 °C/min
Furnace cooling Built-in fan
Gas inputs 4 analysis and 1 calibration
Sample cell Quartz U-tube for high-temperature chemisorption
Primary detector Oxidation- and ammonia-resistant (W/Re) 2-filament TCD
Dimensions (W x H x D) 45.2 cm x 63 cm x 41.4 cm (18 in x 25 in x 16 in)
Standard capabilities Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD)
Temperature Programmed Reduction (TPR)
Temperature Programmed Oxidation (TPO)
Temperature Programmed Reaction (TPRx)
Catalyst Treatment
Flow BET Surface Area
Pulse Titration
Pulse Calibration