Practical Methods to Prevent Sample Elutriation

In vacuum degassing and vacuum-volumetric gas sorption instruments, sample elutriation should be prevented to extend the life of instrument components and ensure measurement accuracy. Simple ways to prevent sample elutriation are discussed, including hardware for samples that are particularly problematic.

What is Elutriation?

A loss of sample particles carried out of the cell during evacuation is known as elutriation. Elutriation can occur during sample evacuation steps (pretreatment or analysis) in vacuum-volumetric gas sorption analyzers. Unless elutriation is controlled, fine powder particles might contaminate the fixed filters located in analysis and degassing stations, resulting in deterioration of vacuum performance. Small, elutriated particles might also find their way to a valve and cause a leak across its sealing surface. This potential problem is expected to become more prevalent as materials are synthesized with increasingly small particle dimensions, such as nanoparticles.

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