Material Brief: MOF – Ar (87 K) & H2O (293 K) Adsorption – Autosorb 6100

A single aliquot of a metal-organic framework (MOF) was analyzed with Ar (87 K) and H2O (293 K) adsorption, followed by a second Ar (87 K) measurement to determine the material’s water adsorption behavior and stability.

Many of metal organic framework (MOF) applications take place under conditions where small amounts of moisture may be present. Therefore, it is critical to understand a material’s interaction with, or stability under, “wet” conditions. The Anton Paar Autosorb 6100 was used to characterize a commercially-available MOF, UiO-66, with Ar (87 K) adsorption using the BET method for surface area calculation and the appropriate DFT model for pore size distribution. This measurement was followed by adsorption of H2O at 293 K on the same aliquot of sample. After the water sorption isotherm was measured, a second Ar (87 K) isotherm was measured on that aliquot to confirm that material was stable even after exposure to water.

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