Metal Organic Frameworks - Pore Size and Volume Measurement - Autosorb 6100

Researchers involved in the field of functional solids need to understand the pore structure of the innovative class of solids called metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and related materials such as covalent organic frameworks (COFs) and zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs).

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are crystalline solids with very large pore volumes and high surface areas. Many are candidates for gas storage and gas separation applications, as well as applications in catalysis, drug delivery, and sensing, among others. Theoretically, the pore size can be calculated from X-ray diffraction and other scattering techniques. However, gas sorption has the unique ability to directly probe the pore space. This reveals further information about the true nature of the accessible porosity of the material. In addition, gas sorption can uncover structural changes in non-rigid MOFs. As such, gas sorption can confirm the suitability of candidate materials for applications such as gas storage.

Anton Paar’s Autosorb 6100 is the optimal precision gas sorption analyzer for characterizing these challenging and unique materials.

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