Using CryoSync with Autosorb 6100 for Simultaneous Measurement of 3 Gases and 3 Temperatures

The Autosorb 6100 is capable of performing multi-gas measurements with a different gas running on each analysis station of the instrument. In one Dewar or circulating bath, three gases can run simultaneously at the same temperature. Alternatively, coupling the instrument with three CryoSyncs enables the measurement of three different gases at three different temperatures (within the range of 82 to >115 K).

The increasingly complex needs of adsorption researchers dictate the development of increasingly complex instrumentation. For example, gas storage or separation applications require that materials adsorption capacity for different gases be measured. In the case where many materials need to be screened quickly, it would be an advantage to perform the measurement with multiple gases simultaneously (as opposed to one after the other).

The Autosorb 6100 is capable of multi-gas and multi-temperature measurements. Up to 3 independent analysis stations with individual manifolds and dedicated transducer sets and an optimized gas distribution manifold enable researchers to use three different analysis gases simultaneously. When each analysis station is paired with its own patented CryoSync accessory, the instrument can manage temperatures from 82 K to >115 K, with a precision of <0.005 K, while using readily available liquid nitrogen as the cryogen.

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