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Liqueurs: Determination of Extract and Alcohol Content in High Proof Beverages

Relevant for liqueur production

Extract and alcohol measurement in liqueurs

For a combined extract and alcohol measurement in beverages, at least two independent measurement variables are needed. For beer and wine monitoring density and sound velocity signals are used, leading to highly accurate concentration results. Due to a reversal point in the sound velocity signal at 20 – 30 %w/w alcohol, it cannot be applied for beverages with alcohol concentrations of 20 %w/w or higher.

For beverages with alcohol contents up to 45 %w/w, like liqueurs, a combined density and refractive index measurement is ideally suited to determine extract and alcohol concentrations.


Inline monitor with L-Dens 7000 series and L-Rix 510

The inline monitor from Anton Paar, equipped with the density sensor L-Dens 7000 series, the inline refractometer L-Rix 510 and an mPDS 5 evaluation unit, continuously monitors and displays the extract and alcohol concentration of high-proof alcoholic beverages, e.g. liqueurs.

The highly accurate density sensor together with the maintenance free refractometer is a powerful combination to continuously monitor the product quality of liqueurs in real-time during production. The measured values are calculated, displayed and processed by the mPDS 5 evaluation unit.


  • Real time information on extract and alcohol concentration
  • Increased product yield and qualitiy
  • Cost savings due to exact alcohol content in product

Specifications Measurement

Concentration range:
Alcohol: 0 ... 45 %w/w, 0 ... 57 %v/v
Extract: 0 ... 35 ° Brix

Alcohol: +/-0.1 %w/w, +/-0.15 %v/v
Extract: +/-0.2 °Brix

Alcohol: +/-0.05 %w/w, +/-0.07 %v/v
Extract: +/-0.1 °Brix

Temperature range process: 2 ... 40 °C


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Specifications Measurement



Concentration range:
0 ..45%w/w; 0 ..57%v/v
Accuracy*: ±0.1% w/w; ±0.15 %v/v
Repeatability: ±0.05% w/w; ±0.07 %v/v
Temp.range process: 2 .. 40 °C


Concentration range: 0 ... 35 °Brix
Accuracy*: ± 0.2.°Brix
Repeatability: ± 0.1 °Brix
Temp.range process: 2 .. 40 °C
*By narrowing the measuring range, the accuracy can be significantly increased




 L-Rix 510


L-Dens 74000


mPDS 5


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