Beverage | Color | Monitoring the sugar color of sugar in syrups

The sugar color value is a decisive criterion to determine the quality of sugar especially for the production of syrups. Anton Paar offers an all-in-one solution to measure the concentration and the color during the production process.

Production of Sugar Syrup

The preparation of standardized sugar syrups consists of three major steps – dissolving granulated white sugar in water, filtration and decolorization. During decolorization a sugar color value is measured with an L-Col 6100 inline photometer to control the process.
During the production of standardized sugar syrups crystal sugar is typically dissolved in water at a concentration between 60-70 °Brix (=%m/m). The solution is then filtered, decolorized and used for production of soft drinks, lemonades and juices. The color can be regarded as one parameter influencing the quality of soft drinks.
A combination of the inline photometer L-Col 6100 and the refractometer L-Rix 5100 for real-time monitoring provides a reliable all-in-one solution for optimized product quality and increased productivity.

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