Food | Dissolving Granulated Sugar

In the preparation of standardized sugar syrup by dissolving granulated sugar in water the sugar concentration must be controlled to obtain a constant product quality. The °Brix value is the key parameter of the syrup production to guarantee an accurate blending process. Anton Paar's inline refractometer L-Rix 5100 has proven to be well suited for the continuous monitoring of sugar concentration for food and beverage production processes and can be directly installed into the production line or tank to measure °Brix in real-time.

Syrup preparation

The main ingredients of carbonated and still soft drinks are water and sugar. Sugar represents the second major ingredient and is mostly provided as syrup for the soft drink production. Sugar syrup is also an essential part of a variety of products such as confectionery, jam or pharmaceutical products. 

One of the first stages in the soft drink manufacturing process is the preparation of standardized sugar syrup in a concentrated form, typically at a target value of 60 - 67 °Brix. Different mixing technologies as well as disontinuous and continuous processes are in use in the beverage industry.

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