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To guarantee constant product quality and to meet predetermined standards online monitoring of the beer fermentation process is becoming increasingly important. Great savings can be achieved by exact end-point determination and reduction in laboratory and process time. Anton Paar’s inline Fermentation Monitor 5100 has proven to be well suited for the continuous monitoring of beer fermentation processes and can be directly installed into the fermentation tank to measure extract and alcohol content as well as degree of fermentation in real-time.

Beer Fementation

Fermentation is a key process in the beer production and takes place in fermentation tanks. During the fermentation process yeast converts the glucose (sugar) in the wort to alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The key variable by which the brewers characterize the state of their fermentation is the apparent extract concentration and hence the degree of fermentation. As the fermentation proceeds, the apparent extract concentration drops and is typically measured off-line at least once a day. These measurements require a careful pretreatment of the samples drawn from the fermenter, are time-consuming and provide measurement values with a considerable time delay. Only online process measurements ensure continuous process control and exact end-point determination and thus enable comprehensive regulation of product quality and process efficiency.

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