Chemistry | DMAc and DMF | Concentration measurement of DMAs and DMF

DMAc and DMF are organic solvents commonly used in chemical synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals and in the manufacturing of artificial fibers and artificial leather. The concentration of the precipitant or solvent recovery stream is a key parameter and provides best data for quality control.

A variety of chemical reactions are best carried out in N, N‐dimethylformamide (DMF) or N, N ‐dimethylacetamide (DMAc). With the high dissolving power characteristic, they are used in the production of pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, adhesives, synthetic leathers, fibers, films, surface coatings, inks and dyes.

The interest in these polar solvents is because of their high dissolution power of various classes of substrates and their capacity to solvate anions. Both DMF and DMAc are implied in a multitude of reactions in giving one or more of their own atoms to build the framework of the synthesized products.

Both are miscible with water and many other organic solvents.

Anton Paar’s inline refractometer L-Rix 5100 has proven to be well suited for the continuous concentration monitoring of DMAc and DMF and can be directly installed into the production line or tank to measure concentration (%) in real-time.

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