Food | Concentration measurement in yogurt production

Producers of yoghurt rely on concentration monitoring of the blending process (%TDS and °Brix) to achieve optimum end-product consistency. The concentration measured at the outlet of the blending process is a key parameter and provides best data for quality control. Anton Paar’s inline refractometer L-Rix 5100 has proven to be well suited for the continuous concentration monitoring for food and beverage production processes and can be directly installed into the production line or tank to measure %TDS and °Brix in real-time.

Yoghurt production

Yoghurt is a dairy product which is made by lactic fermentation of milk. The milk for the product is inoculated with a starter culture which converts part of the lactose to lactic acid. Various ingredients that provide flavor and color may be added before or after fermentation. Consistency, flavor and aroma vary depending on the type of production and the addition of different non-dairy ingredients.

When the milk has been pretreated and cooled to inoculation temperature, the procedure for further treatment depends on the type of yoghurt produced. For set yoghurts the starter culture and all other components are blended in a mixing tank, filled into the single packages and are incubated in the packagee.

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