Backstage: Quality Management & Compliance

"In the end, it's our customers who judge our quality"

Karl, QMS Management | Anton Paar GmbH

My career led me to measuring technology at Anton Paar by way of medical technology. I’m still amazed every day, since starting in 2011, at how naturally “quality” is lived, understood, and promoted by everyone. All of the employees here work together to achieve great things. The potential for improvement leveraged early, and products and processes are continuously being improved.

This is supported by the entire company philosophy, which doesn’t just permit the development of innovative, highly precise measurement instruments, but also allows the uncomplicated implementation of quality-improving measures.

We work knowing that the quality of our performance is not judged internally, but by our customers from around the world. So it’s not surprising that we strive to develop – and consistently improve – quality across the entire value chain. One minute you’re working with assembly colleagues to analyze, understand, and solve a problem, the next you’re helping development with a risk analysis – and it’s precisely this varied environment that makes my workday so exciting and interesting.

This working environment and the company are perfectly tailored to me. 

What you need in quality management, in addition to technical acumen and process knowledge, is a healthy dose of curiosity, resilience, and empathy for our internal and external clients. Where my job gets really exciting is in the contact I have with so many people around the world because our quality team also deals with all producing companies of the corporation in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

This way, I have the opportunity every day to deal with the most different and sometimes completely unknown task constellations, and to further develop my skills in an international environment.