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Raman Spectrometers

Raman Spectrometers

Cora: Compact Raman Analyzer

Cora, the compact Raman spectrometer from Anton Paar is used in analytical laboratories to identify unknown substances, to confirm the identity of substances in quality assurance, and to analyze the chemical composition of samples in academia and R&D.

The Cora 5X00 series provides the performance of a benchtop instrument and is transportable due to its small size. The scope of application extends from incoming goods inspections in industry to governmental controls and academic applications.

The Cora 7X00 series is designed for industrial and academic research applications. It provides spectra with high resolution and low noise despite a space-saving instrument size. This enables the measurement of samples with low Raman-scattering properties or low concentrations.

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Maximum variety of samples

All kinds of Raman-active samples can be measured using Cora Raman spectrometers. For low-fluorescence samples, shorter wavelengths (532 nm and 785 nm) create a strong Raman signal that is ideal for identification or chemical analysis purposes. Strong fluorescence in the sample, which superimposes the Raman signal, can be reduced using a 1064 nm laser, which is also available with Cora Raman spectrometers. The dual-wavelength Cora spectrometers (Cora 5500, Cora 5600, and Cora 5700) provide two integrated wavelengths as standard. 

High tolerance for sample properties

Cora Raman spectrometers are suitable for samples with different properties. Liquids, gels, solids, or powders can be reproducibly measured using fiber probes or special sample inserts. 

Low sample volume

Using Cora Raman spectrometers, only small amounts of sample are necessary to obtain the analysis, which is important when handling expensive samples or substances with low synthesis yields. Only 0.5 µL benzonitrile (a very small drop) or 0.5 mg sulfur (a spatula tip) already generates a clear and low-noise signal. This is due to the high sensitivity of the spectrograph with its transmission grating and the capability to focus the laser beam onto the sample area with µm precision. As Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive technology, the sample can be reused after the measurement. 

Low detection limit

Cora Raman spectrometers are ideal for the analysis of low concentrations. A 0.16 M aqueous sodium sulfite solution or a 0.01 M ammonium sulfate solution already provides identifiable Raman spectra. The low detection limits are provided due to the high sensitivity of the optimized optics which results from the high throughput rate of the transmission grating specially produced for the instrument. 

Low space requirement

The space requirement for the Cora Raman spectrometer is low: An instrument of the Cora 5X00 series is as small as an open laboratory book and can be operated without an additional PC. Due to its compact design, a Cora 7X00 instrument fits into a 19-inch rack.