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Microwave Digestion

Microwave Digestion

Microwave digestion, microwave extraction and much more

Anton Paar provides sample preparation solutions based on over four decades of experience. Multiwave PRO, the master of sample preparation methods, provides microwave digestion, oxygen combustion, UV digestion, microwave drying, acid evaporation, protein hydrolysis, and microwave extraction. Multiwave GO, the smallest parallel microwave digestion system on the market, enables fast and easy processing of routine applications. The HPA-S acid digestion system offers the highest temperature specifications in the field. Monowave 450 is designed for microwave extraction.

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Your needs will be fulfilled

If you are looking for a microwave digestion system you can choose between Multiwave PRO, a highly flexible platform system enabling acid digestion, oxygen combustion, solvent extraction, and synthesis, or Multiwave GO, which is a small-footprint acid digestion system for routine applications.

Precise parameter control and documentation

Anton Paar provides different solutions for reaction control:

  • by monitoring the temperature of each vessel
  • by measuring the pressure or the pressure and temperature in a reference vessel
  • by measuring the pressure in all vessels every 20 milliseconds
  • by a controlled overpressure release.

The measured data is stored on the instrument and is easily exported. The software of Multiwave PRO supports 21 CFR Part 11.

Great rotor variety to meet your precise demands

From high-end rotors that withstand a temperature of 300 °C and a pressure up to 80 bar for longer than 2 hours to high-throughput rotors for maximum sample throughput and rotors designed for the digestion of microsamples (< 20 mg)

– the choice is yours.

Highest safety standards

Meeting the highest safety standards is a prerequisite for Anton Paar. Numerous active and passive safety features protect the system, the operator and the surroundings in all situations. The acid digestion instruments are tested in-house to obtain the CE mark, and also by external testing institutes. Multiwave PRO and Multiwave GO both have an ETL and GS ("approved safety") certificate. HPA-S has the TÜV “GS” certificate.

Specialized application support and service

Anton Paar provides:

  • Dedicated local application support specialists throughout the world
  • On-site demonstrations and service options
  • Application and demonstration laboratories throughout the world
  • Extended customer support and user trainings