Backstage: Legal Services

"The people here, the high-quality measuring instruments, and my job bring me joy every day."

Birgit, General Counsel | Anton Paar GmbH

As a service department we are dedicated to supporting the work of our Anton Paar colleagues in our four regions, APAC (Asia Pacific), SAMEA (South Asia and Middle East), Europe, and The Americas. Legal Services creates and checks purchase and project contracts as well as contracts for entire plants for customers in different fields, such as the beverage, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries. We are also in charge of contracts signed with soccer teams for our soccer simulation facility “skills.lab” of the Anton Paar SportsTec GmbH. Thanks to this variety our jobs remain interesting and diverse, providing us the chance to learn something new every day.

At Legal Services we also take care of all legal matters for our subsidiaries that fall under company law. We are not only in charge of the foundation of new subsidiaries but also of any changes in the company contracts of the already existing Anton Paar subsidiaries in over 35 countries.

The development of the company is mainly due to the field of Research & Development (R&D). National as well as international cooperations with customers, research facilities, and universities make our jobs challenging and interesting as we become familiar with our technologies and strategies through our legal work. No two development or cooperation contracts are alike. Thanks to the R&D projects Anton Paar not only remains on the forefront of technical research but also drives innovation.

What fascinates me at Anton Paar is the passionate approach to work that I observe in my colleagues. The excellent corporate culture and high-quality products used in interesting fields of business make Anton Paar an outstanding employer. I’m happy to be part of the Anton Paar family here.