Backstage: Production Glass

"I’m working on the “heart” of the density meter."

Christian, Department Manager Glass Production | Anton Paar GmbH

Facing technical challenges is what drives my personal development. In Anton Paar’s glass production we produce the highly precise glass measuring cells for our wide selection of density meters. These density meters are then used in the beverage, petroleum, and food industries, for instance. With a precision down to the sixth digit, they are the most precise density meters in the world.

The production of our glass measuring cells requires all knowledge acquired throughout the years combined with the experience of all colleagues. The warm and cold work on glass with wall thicknesses of a few tenths of a millimeter with a precision in the hundredths of a millimeter range are the daily challenges which we overcome in Glass Production. These challenges keep pushing us to the limits of what is feasible.

One of my tasks as head of Glass Production is the continuous improvement of our glass measuring cell production process and the efficient inclusion of new technical insights into our production. The entire team working together seamlessly is the decisive key to our success. We meet the high standards of working on the “heart” of the density meters by doing everything with the utmost precision and a great sense of responsibility.

I started my apprenticeship at Anton Paar GmbH as a fitter in 1996. After completing my apprenticeship I wanted to deepen my knowledge and therefore completed my master craftsman’s certificate in machine and production technology. During that time I gained a lot of experience in the production of mechanical prototypes. By training new apprentices I was able to pass my knowledge on. In 2007, after more than ten years in mechanical production, I got the opportunity to incorporate my experiences in mechanical engineering into the foundation and management of an internal glass production department. The combination of traditional glass crafts and modern machine support brings challenges every day. I have been training apprentices since 2001 and have been in charge of them in the fields of mechanics and glass technology since 2012. In this way I was able to accompany and support many young people on their career paths. A sense of responsibility and precision in all areas form the foundation of our success.