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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Your most precise option for DMA

The modular DMA system performs dynamic mechanical analysis in torsion and extension at unprecedented precision. Whatever your DMA requirements are, the DMA system from Anton Paar is efficiently and comfortably adapted to meet your needs. Use the system for the dynamic mechanical analysis of solutions, melts, solid bars, films, foils or reactive resins.

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2 in 1 – one device for DMA and rheology

Anton Paar’s MCR device combined with convection temperature devices and a large variety of fixtures such as the solid rectangular fixture (SRF) or circular fixtures (SCF), film and fiber fixtures (UXF) or parallel-plate systems can perform rheological measurements as well as dynamic mechanical measurements.

DMA in torsion

DMA in torsion is the most sensitive thermal technique for determining glass transition. This is due to the separate pretension and compensation of the thermal expansion by the stepper motor and the oscillatory signal measured by the EC motor, without superposition of a pretension force.

DMA in tension

The UXF universal extensional fixture enables tensile strain- or stress-controlled dynamic mechanical analysis across a wide temperature range. This combined system is used to investigate effects such as temperature stability, shrinkage, elongation, crystallizations, phase transitions, relaxations and the brittleness of films and fibers.

New paths for your applications – the RheoCompass™ software

Anton Paar’s new RheoCompass™ software is the most innovative and up-to-date rheometer software available on the market – employed for dynamic mechanical analysis by the DMA system. Designed for intuitive use, RheoCompass™ enables application-oriented template filtering, customized test and analysis definitions, highly simplified data retrieval and much more.

Experienced experts close to you

Anton Paar’s worldwide service network ensures that an expert on your system is always close by. Thousand installed instruments around the globe, an extensive application database and numerous published works by our rheology experts clearly show that Anton Paar is the first choice for answering any rheological question you may have.