Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers

Your most precise option for DMA

The DMA systems from Anton Paar perform dynamic mechanical analysis in torsion, tension, bending and compression at unprecedented precision. Whatever your DMA requirements are, the DMA systems from Anton Paar are efficiently and comfortably adapted to meet your needs. Use the systems for the dynamic mechanical analysis of solutions, melts, solid bars, films, foils, or reactive resins.

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One device for DMA and rheology

Anton Paar’s MCR devices combined with convection temperature devices and a large variety of geometries such as three-point-bending (TPB), single and dual cantilever (CTL), the solid rectangular fixture (SRF) or circular fixture (SCF), film and fiber fixtures (UXF), or parallel-plate systems (PP) can perform dynamic mechanical analysis.

DMA in torsion

DMA in torsion is a highly sensitive thermal analysis technique for determining glass transition. This is due to the separate pretension and compensation of the thermal expansion by using the stepper motor of the measuring device and the oscillatory signal measured by the EC motor, without superposition of a pretension force.

DMA in tension

The MCR series can be used to perform tensile strain- or stress-controlled dynamic mechanical analysis across a wide temperature range. This is possible by either using a universal extensional fixture (UXF) in combination with the rotational drive of the measuring device or by using a solid rectangular fixture (SRF) in combination with a linear drive installable in a MCR 702e MultiDrive. These systems can be used to investigate effects such as temperature stability, shrinkage, elongation, crystallizations, phase transitions, relaxations, and the brittleness of films, fibers, and thin solid bars.

DMA in bending mode

Three-point-bending and cantilever measuring systems mounted on the linear drive of MCR 702 MultiDrive provide a repeatable determination of the dynamic mechanical properties even of highly stiff materials. Using these geometries it is possible to evaluate the properties in accordance with the load acting in a broad variety of different applications.

One software for all demands – multifunctional and user-friendly

The intuitive RheoCompass™ software helps you find the predefined or customized test templates you need, customize tests and analysis definitions, and export your data and generate reports. The software offers a broad variety of predefined but individually adaptable analysis methods, e.g. determination of glass transition temperature or time-temperature superposition. Thanks to the use of a Microsoft SQL 2012 database, managing and retrieving data is as easy as generating it. Filter the data, e.g. by year, batch number, or operator, and display it within seconds.



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