Perfect results with automatic cleaning and needle washing using up to three cleaning solvents.
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Sample changer:
Xsample 530

  • The multi-sample changer with the highest cleaning performance
  • Handles up to 71 samples with optional sample recovery
  • Automated cleaning and drying with up to three solvents
  • Customized magazines available for your own vials
  • Measurement of volatile samples
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The Xsample 530 sample changer for all Anton Paar master instruments handles samples with a wide range of properties. With controlled filling power, samples from plain water to highly viscous oils (up to 36,000 mPa.s) are filled in a minimum of time. The 71-position magazine for unattended operation can be exchanged with one hand to ensure easy handling and filling.

With up to three cleaning agents, Xsample 530 is ready to measure a great variety of samples in one run. No compromises regarding mechanical components as well as a superior resistance to chemicals ensures increased uptime of the system and low maintenance costs.

Key features

Perfect measurement results  due to perfect cleaning

Perfect measurement results due to perfect cleaning

  • Automatic rinsing and drying after each sample for perfect preparation of the system
  • Up to three different solvents can be used in any order to achieve optimal cleaning performance
  • Active needle cleaning – inside and outside – prevents any sample cross-contamination.
  • Advanced settings for special treatment of the sample to increase performance
Easy operation through simplified workflows

Easy operation through simplified workflows

  • The removable magazine for easy sample collection has a capacity of 71 samples (12 mL vials) or 35 samples (45 mL vials).
  • Customized magazines for almost any type of vial are available to ensure a smooth workflow in your lab.
  • Standard modes in the intuitive software enable seamless sample measurement.
  • Optional bar code reader for digital error-free data input and automated method assignment
Intelligent checks and procedures according to your needs

Intelligent checks and procedures according to your needs

  • Automatic sample recovery (optional accessory) returns expensive or hazardous samples to its vial
  • Automatic filling and draining (sensor-controlled) for low-viscosity samples or samples up to 36,000 mPa.s
  • Automatic air check before measurement to rule out sample cross-contamination
  • Automatic pressure and tightness test to ensure trouble-free and safe operation

Technical specifications

Viscosity range
Operation with internal air pump
Operation with 2 bar external compressed air

12.000 mPa·s at ambient and measuring temperature
36.000 mPa·s at ambient and measuring temperature
Filling modePressure mode
  • with integrated piston pump
  • with air pump of master instrument
  • with compressed air

Suction mode (optional)
Minimum sample volume per measurement approx. 3 mL (with master instrument DMA™ M)
depending on system configuration
Sample recovery optional
Rinse consumption per cycle approx. 4 mL
Sample throughputmax. 9 per hour
depending on application and used pressure source
Number of sample vials71 positions for 12 ml vials
optional: 35 positions for 45 ml vials
customer specific magazines on request
Automatic filling and dryingPiston pump, internal air pump of master instrument or compressed air selectable
Compressed air supply
1.80 bar – 2.20 bar (26 psi – 32 psi) relative external compressed air
typically: 2.0 bar (29 psi) rel.
Necessary quality of air Class 3 from ISO 8573-1:
max. particle size: 5 μm
max. pressure dew point:-20°C (-4°F)
max. oil content: 1 mg/m3
Environmental conditions
(EN 61010)
Indoor use only
Air humidity10 to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Operating temperature+15 to +35 °C (+59 to +95 °F)
Power supplysupplied by master instrument
Mains voltage according to the type plate at the rear of master instrument (protective grounding required)
Dimensions excl. master instrument
(L x W x H)
370 mm x 490 mm x 430 mm
(14.6 in x 19.3 in x 17 in)
Weight excl. master instrument approx. 48 kg (105.8 lbs)
Optional bar code readerLaser Line Scanner, 1D Code Reader class 2

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  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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