Xsample 530 supported cell preconditioning for oily and watery samples measured with SVM x001

Interchangeably measuring oily and watery samples with SVM x001 can be quite a challenge. To achieve good measurement results, it is absolutely necessary to carry out a time-consuming preconditioning procedure. With this report we show how preconditioning can be fully automated and traceable while also ensuring the same cleaning quality throughout.


SVM x001 viscometers are intended for measuring oily samples and other samples with good lubricating properties. SVM’s rotor bearings need lubrication for smooth rotor movement and reliable measuring results. Samples with poor lubricity cause an interruption of the hydrodynamic lubrication film which could lead to uneven and noisy rotor movement resulting in varying measuring values or even errors. However, for occasional or interchanging measurements of oil- and water-based samples some general recommendations are given to ensure proper working SVM and therefore correct measurement results. A procedure for manual cleaning between measurements of watery to oily samples or vice versa already exists. See the SVM x001 Reference Guide for more details. [1]

To also be able to carry out the necessary preparation and preconditioning of the measuring cell in case of automation, a working procedure with Xsample 530 was elaborated. For this additional “preconditioning vials” are needed, serving as supplementary greasing or degreasing agents.

TIP: For the permanent measurements of low lubricating samples the use of PEEK rotor bearings is recommended. [2]


Ensuring the appropriate preconditioning of the SVM measuring cell

Inadequate degreasing after oily sample and before watery sample (and vice versa) results in oil carry over, influences the measuring result of the following sample and increases the standard deviation of sample measurements.

It is important to follow the recommended cleaning process if different types of samples (oil- and water-based samples) are measured. Such cleaning process in between different sample types ensures adequate cleaning, proper measuring cell preconditioning and eliminates the risk of erroneous measuring results.


Measuring procedure

It is necessary to separate the actual samples into two batches, such as water-based and oil-based samples when loading the vials into Xsample 530 magazine, with designated “preconditioning vials” between.

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