Fast and Reliable Density and Viscosity Measurement of Wort

Determining density and viscosity of wort ensures that only raw materials of highest quality are used. With Xsample 530 measurements can be carried out fully automatically and reliably and with data available within a very short time.

Fully automated measurement of wort

In the following section we will present you a fully automated system using the Xsample 530 sample changer for filling and cleaning, combined with a DMA 4500 M density meter for density measurement and the Lovis 2000 ME for viscosity measurement.


Quality control during beer production

For brewers it is essential tp produce beer of high and constant quality from brew to brew.

This consistency and quality is guaranteed by determining several quality parameters of the raw materials and finished beer in breweries and malt houses throughout the production process.

Depending on the harvest, climate, soil composition and brand, the malt quality can vary a lot. As breweries need a consistent level of quality and each beer recipe requires very specific malt properties and mixtures, the quality control of the malt is a very important step in the beer production.

To determine how well specific malt performs the measurement of congress wort is a commonly used method. The congress wort is produced from the malt in the so called “congress mash”, a standardized procedure according to the EBC European Brewery Convention. Afterwards it is analyzed for various parameters such as density, pH, viscosity, and color.

Not only malt houses do control the quality of their malt, but also breweries sometimes crosscheck the incoming malt to ensure that only highest quality malt enters the brewing process.

Having a short measurement time often plays an important role to continue with the subsequent production steps as fast as possible.

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